Sometimes I, a famous photographer and dandy, have to deal with something unusual for me

It just so happens that many athletes come to competitions unaccompanied, and I am the only unoccupied person that the athlete knows.

Therefore, I’m running around Pskov, cooking rice, then I’m resettling especially talented in planning trips, now I’m standing and waving a paint roller. Dmitry Gromov came from Minsk, as expected, for the last money, so there wasn’t enough makeup.

From my offer to pay ,categorically refused, so I had to paint. Not with a roller, but with some tiny brush.

The whole backstage was talking about it, my colleagues kindly took pictures and shot in stories, but I continued to paint, otherwise he wanted to go out with a white face.

Given the surface area of ​​the color and the size of the damn brush, he painted reasonably well. True, he entered the registration in the wrong category, but okay, at least with a white face he entered the stage

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